*secludedness* · 13/11/2009

“It is strange to be known so universally and yet to be so lonely.”

  1. “People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges” – finn. definitely builds bridges that reach out to the audience. You may leave the harbour hypnotised by so much beauty, fragility and strength in his singing, moved by his simple kindness or mysterious smile, you will leave the harbour but with him you’ll carry on, less lonely

    Tanja    29/11/2009    #
  2. In my opinion existential loneliness is part of human condition, inherent in human consciousness. The more one develops his particular talents, the more his individuality becomes outspoken, his self-awareness grows together with his ability to feel lonely. I sometimes need to experience this loneliness as intensely as possible, it is a necessity to feel fully alive.

    Tanja    30/11/2009    #
  3. Art is often the unique result of individual talent developed by working intensively in seclusion and/or supported by a team,yet art builds bridges. Especially music, as it goes straight to the lymbic system, is of great consolation and a remedy against feeling lonely, musicians in a state of flow and public feel one, in my experience.

    Tanja    30/11/2009    #