*merry christmas & a happy new year* · 20/12/2009

thanks so much to everyone for everything!
hugs & kisses & all the best wishes!
sincerely yours,

  1. Thank you Patrick for being you.
    Thanks for your music and kindness and the beauty you dealt out so generously. Your angel voice will continue cheering us during this Christmas time.
    Hugs & lots of love & sweet kisses.


    Tanja    14/12/2009    #
  2. And thank you for “The Very Thought”, we started to discuss some of it this week-end here, passionately. Thanks to you, my friends read THE Rilke’s poem.
    So, curiously looking forward to the next quote…

    Tanja    14/12/2009    #
  3. Great Expectations…:-)
    We wish you a Merry Christmas and may 2010 be a finntastic year that makes every dream come true for finn.& crew!

    Tanja    23/12/2009    #