*pittance* · 05/01/2010

What does it matter how many lovers you have
if none of them gives you the universe?

  1. Indeed.
    For once a quantumphysician understands Lacan. But she still prefers Jung :-).

    Tanja    11/01/2010    #
  2. To give a distant love beyond the unseen stars
    My heart of hope forlorn, the universe unworn

    Timo    11/01/2010    #
  3. I’ll give you the universe:


    T    11/01/2010    #
  4. But if you truly love you literally
    “Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
    And Eternity in an hour”.

    Lori    11/01/2010    #
  5. It matters what you can give to your unique lover: your heart, your heart holding the universe…

    Darya    11/01/2010    #
  6. To me it isn’t a matter of giving and receiving: lover and beloved one enter another dimension.

    Wolfi    11/01/2010    #
  7. Isn’t the most touching music written by a heart flooded by intense suffering, or by great euphory feeling as whole as the universe?

    Tiger    11/01/2010    #
  8. A first sign of the beginning of undertsanding is the wish to die.

    Franz    11/01/2010    #
  9. Really a fabulous picture! But I don’t recognize the dog. Maybe it is just dreaming of running free in the wild. “I would give years of my life to be an animal for a short while”.

    Eli    11/01/2010    #