*suffrage* · 29/01/2010

“Truly to sing, that is a different breath.”

  1. There’s somebody out there reading my thoughts. I’m struggling with my song “When Tyger Sings” and with …

    “And so a secret kiss
    Brings maddness with the bliss
    And I will think of this”...

    Please forgive me my temporary madness dear sir, for by accident I got locked up in my sleeping room during 40 hours and I started to feel like Kaspar Hauser.
    “Most happenings are beyond expression; they exist where a word has never intruded. Even more inexpressible are works of art; mysterious entities they are, whose lives, compared to our fleeting ones, endure.”

    What do you mean by “suffrage”, you, who can truly sing?
    Still grateful after all those years :-),

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