*levitating* · 11/02/2010

“I have stretched ropes from steeple to steeple;
garlands from window to window; golden chains
from star to star, and I dance.”

  1. You make me smile with my heart :-).
    Rimbaud’s words fit you so well. It is a wonderful image , I can almost see you dancing from star to star.
    Thank you.

    T    13/02/2010    #
  2. The first time I saw finn. was at the city theatre of MECHELEN, end november 2009. I was surprised by his handsome appearance and the symmetrical features of his face, with that famous intriguing smile that uplifts the heart. He seemed quite tall to me, in his stylish black suit, his haircut was great. I was struck by some kind of bright purple light around him, that came from within. Charisma, aura, I don’t know, but something really very strong. finn. certainly felt good that night as his performance was stunning. From the moment he began to sing we all were enchanted, and deeply impressed. Sitting on the first row, at some moments he seemed even taller to me. I looked at his silhouette, down at his feet, they were merely touching the floor…he reached out for the stars, and at the end of the concert, I’m sure the entire city theatre was “LEVITATING”. We didn’t feel on earth anymore, but somewhere in heaven. Such an experience you cherish until the end of times.

    T    13/02/2010    #