*ensemble* · 28/04/2010

“Let none resemble another; let each resemble the highest!
How can that happen? let each be all complete in itself.”

  1. Thank you finn. for giving us a sign that you still exist after being shot :-).
    You promised the Dutch press to do so, in the Botanique, remember?
    We all hope you didn’t turn in a nonentity and that your new compositions will not resemble 4’33’‘.
    Each will resemble the highest. Just as your third album was all complete in itself.

    Tanja    08/05/2010    #
  2. None = no-one OR nothing ? The latter , I presume. A great work of art being truly all complete in itself.
    But does it apply to living beings? Is a rose all complete in itself? Yes, but would it bloom without earth, water, light? No. Is a cat all complete in itself? Yes, but etc.

    When we start thinking about man : let each be aware he shares so much more resemblances than differences with others! We still tend to overemphasize the differences in our seek for individuality and probably for the highest, as a result we don’t live in peace (understatement).
    Life on earth, be it flowers or man, is utterly interdependent yet all complete in itself. “Das widerspricht sich zwar, aber …”. This is a complex matter, and I wonder what the re├»ncarnation of Patrick Zimmer has to say about this. At least HE can think.
    Good stuff for an interview :-)!

    T    08/05/2010    #