*nonentity* · 07/05/2010

“I have nothing to say, I am saying it, and that is poetry.”

  1. as I needed it.

    Tanja    08/05/2010    #
  2. Just a simple thought about art and immortality (see comments ensemble): imagine you have a real painting in your living room. Do you have the feeling the painter is present and still alive (if dead)? Listening to a wonderfully recorded piece of piano, is the pianist in your room (except if he REALLY is :-) ?
    Not to me.
    The music, the painting “lives” on, but I feel no personal presence.
    Some time ago I listened to a previously unreleased recording of Chet Baker singing Blue Room a capella, just as a try-out, you can hear him breathe and lick his lips and turn the page. I got scared :-)!

    Singing (breathing)creates the illusion the singer is present and alive.
    -(John Cage with his silence-experience listened to life).

    The first thing we do when born, the last before dying: breathing.
    But there is more to it than breathing: the timbre of a voice is as personal as a fingerprint.
    A lo-fi recording of a beautiful voice does not turn the singer into someone immortal (anyway, who wants to live forever?), yet it is a heartwarming delusion.
    The subjective experience of a living presence is real.

    T    08/05/2010    #
  3. T (whoever HE is) thinks too much.
    The more I listen to music, any good music, the more I realize how unique and moving FINN.‘s voice is, and how it makes me feel happy.
    As time goes by, even after escaping the weight of darkness last night and being struck by Erla’s walz live, I realize te impact of FINN. on the audience was (and will be):

    beyond ANYTHING.

    Tanja    14/05/2010    #