*forfeiture* · 01/06/2010

“Accept loss forever.”

  1. You scare me, dear diary.

    Tanja    06/06/2010    #
  2. Nobby or Jack :-)??
    finn. is inconceivable!
    Admitting the void,

    Tanja    06/06/2010    #
  3. “Admit the void;” is missing, so it must be Jack. Improbable, though. “Nobby” was a friend of John Cage.
    “Wisdom is mourning,” doesn’t imply mourning is wisdom.
    No matter who was quoted, we ALL accept loss forever. The problem is how to stop weeping.

    Tanja    06/06/2010    #
  4. I send a warm hug to finn., hope he “has the universe” and wish he feels happy, as I wish this for all people.

    Tanja    06/06/2010    #
  5. “There was a boy
    A very strange enchanted boy …. “

    Tanja    06/06/2010    #
  6. Don’t take it all to heart, Tanja. It’s just about football :-)

    Timo    13/06/2010    #