*comparative* · 13/06/2010

“The optimist thinks this is the best of all possible worlds.
The pessimist fears it is true.”

  1. “And the physicist made this world as it is?”
    (an ex-quantumphysicist)

    T    14/06/2010    #
  2. I like this quote, as I adore JBC :-)!

    Darya    14/06/2010    #
  3. I don’t think an optimist thinks :-).
    To me this is the only world. And yet it moves, as “art performed what religion only promised”.
    I hope there will be a fourth album of finn. this year :-), even though it’s nearly impossible to write such heavenly music. It always was, remember…

    Tanja    14/06/2010    #
  4. “It is necessary that I climb very high because of my love for you, and upon the heights there is silence.”

    Lori    14/06/2010    #
  5. See! The optimist doesn’t think, he “proclaims”!
    “... So I elect for neither label.”

    Tanja    14/06/2010    #
  6. I hope everyone here knows by now such a witty statement could never ever be made by a theoretical physics teacher, whose name can’t be mentioned, to spare finn. from a thousand comments.

    T    14/06/2010    #
  7. Last but not least: this is the only world to me, but not the only possible world.
    Of course a better world is possible.

    Tanja    14/06/2010    #