*mutuality* · 02/08/2010

“I am in you and you in me, mutual in divine love.”

  1. Awake! awake O sleeper of the lands of shadows, wake! expand!

    Tanja    03/08/2010    #
  2. Beautiful.
    No more words to say…

    “Never seek to tell thy love,
    Love that never told can be;
    For the gentle wind does move
    Silently, invisibly”

    Tanja    03/08/2010    #
  3. Given genius finn.‘s music is written out of heartache, given how it moves all people that listen to it … I would prefer them to remain forever mutual in love divine even if this means no new album anymore.
    To feel different about this seems like a crime to me.
    I dare say that I would have preferred Kafka to marry and have kids and never write a thing.
    If everyone would know the bliss of staying “mutual in love divine”, maybe there would be no great art. Maybe true art and music are a mere consolation for those who are not (most of us) and for the artist a therapy and/or sublimation for/of the pain he feels.
    Maybe this is the silliest comment ever posted :-) but I mean it (from the bottom of my heart).

    Tanja    12/08/2010    #
  4. And maybe there are angels amongst us, melancholic, gifted and strong, and mutual in love divine , inspired by this bliss to continue creating deeply moving art.

    Tanja    12/08/2010    #