*beau* · 11/11/2010

“Beauty is unbearable, drives us to despair, offering us for
a minute the glimpse of an eternity that we should like to
stretch out over the whole of time.”

  1. Yes and no.
    I imagine I could touch your unbearably beautiful face. To experience such a bliss would not just leave despair. A holy glow would shine in memory and sooth, until the longing to stretch it out over the whole of time might take over and drive to despair, to your music,
    or to another beau.

    “...You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.”

    Tanja    11/11/2010    #
  2. Une très belle photo. Merci.
    It is certainly not beauty that drives us to despair. Why shouldn’t we be able to stretch that glimpse, so many glimpses of eternity,out over the whole of time – in our heart?

    Unbearable is a lack of courage, a lack of love, and most of all being incaple of doing what you want to do because you are ill or in prison ( the same thing).

    Timo    11/11/2010    #
  3. Unbearable is to be unable to go to CHUR almost exactly one year after the entire city theatre of Mechelen was levitating, going to the Secret Hymn Festival to gather hours of glimpses of eternity, immersed by beauty and love…Truly.

    Tanja    11/11/2010    #
  4. Oh, serious, serious, serious! Is there anybody out there, on this planet or on Pluto, who finds it unbearable to listen to finn.‘s music or to watch his face? So this time you are so wrong, Mr. Camus, though I ‘ve always liked you :-)

    Kitten    11/11/2010    #
  5. What with the angels amongst us ( as human and mortal as we are , but angels by their gift, strength and perseverance – timshel -)who are not offered a glimpse of eternity, but who offer themselves ? (how almost impossible it always has been: just “almost” ...)

    Tanja    11/11/2010    #
  6. Il est extrêmement beau.
    Il a une voix d’ange.
    He is truly generous to make others feel that glimpse of eternity through his art.
    He IS beauty and so much more.
    SO, is he driven to despair
    because a LIFELONG glimpse of eternity is not enough?
    It IS eternity to us.

    She, he and we all, loving you    11/11/2010    #
  7. Unbearable is to finally decide to go to Chur and to be unable to speak. Nor to leave. To behave in a way opposite to my nature and completely alienated from who I am. I was not there. Not me.
    Only now I fully understand why, but I will never have the chance to explain. That is really unbearable. And why didn’t I leave ? Because of that famous “glimpse” of eternity I wanted to stretch over 5 hours. But I did not know HOW. I am continuously in despair. Right, Camus!

    And yes Timo, 5 weeks ago you, (myself of course), foresaw the lack of courage, the incapability of doing what you want to do. Why did I behave in a way more absurd than even Kafka could have imagined? Yes, the night air was icy – but I was not there. Why?
    And since, I’m crying. At least finn. found an invincible summer. The only consolation.

    Tanja    20/12/2010    #