Lyrics online · 19/08/2005

We’ve been flooded with requests for the lyrics from the ayes will have it!. So you get them, a song at a time, every Friday.

Today, as a special treat, we’re posting the lyrics for two songs: To-and-Fro: and X+variables. Enjoy.

  1. So much thanks for posting them
    The new album is so beautiful
    Is it me or is the song It May Not Last sounds like Sigur Ros, especially the last part, not that I mind, it’s such a great song

    Love, Neely
    Neely    05/09/2005    #
  2. i wouldnt compare it to sigur ros... i dont like comparing thangs..cuz every-thing is having its own thing.. i know i am talking weird. i just appreciate the stuff very much. yo. more than that.
    miss scalpel    23/10/2005    #