Paris! non, rien de rien, je ne regrette rien!!!!!! · 03/11/2007

Oh Paris,
how wonderfull it is, it was, it will be!
stay tuned for pictures and videos from the 2 shows with Stephan Eicher!!
thanks so much to Stephan, thanks to everybody!!
i´m still dreaming!!!

hugs and kisses from hamburg and london and from the sky!

je vous aime tous!

so much!

(pictures by Sebastian Benjamin Riepe)



  1. I came for Stephan, and the surprise came from you….hearing you was very moving and so beautiful was the song you shared with Stephan,at the very end of the show! A wonderful memory in my mind! Thank you very much Finn!

    Christa    05/11/2007    #
  2. Hi!

    Like Christa, I came to see and listen to Stephan Eicher.
    I was late & I arrived at the end of your set (Moon river). What a gorgeous surprise!! Your duet at the end of the show was a true moving moment. Thanks a lot! :-)

    Vega    12/11/2007    #
  3. So good and beautiful pictures !

    juliana    13/11/2007    #