*en route* · 24/11/2009

26.11.2009 —- VOORUIT —- GENT, BE
28.11.2009 —- CC HASSELT—- HASSELT, BE

  1. The album is a wonderful treasure with a perfect sound. Live you get the whole picture … wich is so much more. Every detail is exactly how it has to be.
    Finn. has an enchanting charisma, a unique and deeply moving voice. The public was spellbound. The entire concept is straight from the heart, and above all, truly authentic.
    I also speek for my friends, who are looking forward to see finn. en route in Belgium again.
    We all thank you finn. for your sensitivity , the authenticity of your art, your generosity to share this with the public, and we mean it from the bottom of our heart.

    Tanja    03/12/2009    #