*HAPPY VALENTINE´S DAY!* · 13/02/2011

get the non-album-track-pre-released-free-as-a-heart-download
of “I just called to say I love you” from the forthcoming album
“I wish I was someone else” to be released on 29th of April
via Sunday Service / Indigo!

finn. – I just called to say I love you


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  1. Now you make me cry again with the incredible emotion in your singing. It is so beautiful, I could listen to it all night.
    Thank you , how can we ever thank you for being so you and so generous…

    Tanja    13/02/2011    #
  2. Dear Finn.: wishing you a very Happy Valentine’s day, hugs and lots of love, X

    Tanja    13/02/2011    #
  3. The truth is…, after listening to this moving rendition, I would like to call just to say I love you. I still do. We all love you.

    Timo    14/02/2011    #
  4. Patrick this is perfect! We can’t wait till April 29 th !

    Joy    14/02/2011    #
  5. Beautiful! Danke!
    “I wish I was someone else” being a witty title for a cover album, one thing is sure: we don’t wish Finn. to BE someone else :-)!!

    Lori    14/02/2011    #
  6. So real. So good. Your voice seems so very very near and caressing, like a tender kiss from the heart.
    Thank you !

    Kitten    14/02/2011    #
  7. Gratefully looking forward to your fourth album. A valentine’s kiss,

    Frederick    14/02/2011    #
  8. Hallo Patrick
    Huuuiiii, schööööönnn!
    Dolles Drückerle, viele Schmatzer und einige laute Katzenschnurrer vom Sammy
    sendet Dir Anja

    Anja    14/02/2011    #
  9. ich hätte nicht gedacht, dass jemand dieses grausige Lied so anhörbar machen könnte ;)
    Ich freu mich sehr aufs Album!

    Daniel Ziese    14/02/2011    #