*crying in the rain* · 27/02/2011

the first single of the forthcoming album
“I wish I was someone else” will be a
burning interpretaion of *“crying in the
rain”*. finn. sings together with *Dirk von
Lowtzow* of Tocotronic.
Their Crying In The Rain-cover reminds of the
great duets of pop history like Nancy & Lee
or Gainsbourg & Birkin. The cover of Tom
Wait´s Waltzing Mathilda will be an exclusive
b-side. the single & the accompanying video clip
will be released 1st of april 2011 via Sunday Service
finetunes (digital only).

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  1. A burning interpretation … :-)
    Great to look forward to!
    The folksong “Waltzing Matilda”?
    Finn. singing a Tom Waits cover!

    Alice    28/02/2011    #
  2. “Waltzing Matilda” ain’t not no song by Tom Waits. It’s an australian traditional, whatever they say, ay?

    Edgar    11/03/2011    #
  3. Yes Edgar it WAS an australian traditional but soon it WILL be an exclusive cover by dearest Finn. :-)

    Alice, another Tom Waits cover by T    14/03/2011    #
  4. Edgar
    “taught me my alphabet to say”
    strange, ay?

    april is near ….:-)!

    T    21/03/2011    #