finn.´s third record, the ayes will have it, was released on August 8th, 2005 (_CD and Vinyl_).

finn. -  the ayes will have it

The first single, electrify, is now available in the music section. Check it out!

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01. to-and-fro
02. x+variables
03. electrify
04. a computer au palais
05. speculate, speculate
06. pesky
07. no, i’m not
08. so there
09. it may not last
10. wrong side
11. hymn

Label: SundayService

Distributed by Indigo

Published by freibank

  1. Just got ur new cd today, what a beautiful album, wonderfull songs, hopefully one day u will come to Holland, would luv to see u live. love Neely
    Neely O'Hara    18/08/2005    #
  2. Excellent album. It may not last is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard.
    Tim    27/12/2006    #