concerts · 31/03/2011

europeen dates for 2011 to be announced very soon!

29.04.2011Release Concert of “I Wish I was someone else” Golem, Hamburg, DE
+ 15 years Sunday ServicE Jubilee

16.06.2011 live at, Hamburg, DE
19.06.2011 Prinzenbar, Hamburg, DE
20.06.2011 Studio 672, Cologne, DE
21.06.2011 Ampere, Munich, DE
22.06.2011 Walhalla, Wiesbaden, DE
23.06.2011 Comet, Berlin, DE
24.06.2011 Objekt 5, Halle, DE
25.06.2011 Projekt 7, Magdeburg, DE
01.07.2011 Festival Assalti al Cuore, Rimini, IT
05.08.2011 Jenseits von Millionen, Friedland, Niederlausitz, DE

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neuland concerts
(a division of warner music))
Alter Wandrahm 14
20457 Hamburg
+49 40 30339 322

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*crying in the rain* · 27/02/2011

the first single of the forthcoming album
“I wish I was someone else” will be a
burning interpretaion of *“crying in the
rain”*. finn. sings together with *Dirk von
Lowtzow* of Tocotronic.
Their Crying In The Rain-cover reminds of the
great duets of pop history like Nancy & Lee
or Gainsbourg & Birkin. The cover of Tom
Wait´s Waltzing Mathilda will be an exclusive
b-side. the single & the accompanying video clip
will be released 1st of april 2011 via Sunday Service
finetunes (digital only).

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*HAPPY VALENTINE´S DAY!* · 13/02/2011

get the non-album-track-pre-released-free-as-a-heart-download
of “I just called to say I love you” from the forthcoming album
“I wish I was someone else” to be released on 29th of April
via Sunday Service / Indigo!

finn. – I just called to say I love you


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*oh saint valentine's day* · 06/02/2011

“Love is a promise, love is a souvenir, once given
never forgotten, never let it disappear.”

come here on valentine´s day & get a chatoyant
free-as-a-heart-download of “i just called to say i love you”

Love will be everywhere!

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