hmmm!? · 23/03/2008

The day starts with a mélange of news, weather forecasting, evangelism and chat from the radio. At the same time, some of us are scanning the back of the cornflake packet and skimming the daily paper, while others, listening on car radios, are exposed to road signs, traffic lights and hoardings. We ´see´ hundreds of advertisements a day, in addition to unquantified worksheets, memos, recipes, knitting patterns, bills and computerized warnings from the bank and the Inland Revenue.
It seems probable that most of us are overloaded.
We are building up a neurasthenic head of pressure as a result.
Tell a dog in a laboratory experiment, to do too many irreconcilable things at once, and he will have a nervous breakdown.
Information is what we pay heed to; the rest is noise, and there is a great deal of it.

So maybe that´s why we have dark circles around the eyes.

photographed by Jean-Jacques Tortoise