THE NAYS WILL HAVE IT! · 23/02/2007

finn.´s fourth record, the remix album, the nays will have it, will be released on April 13th, 2007 (Vinyl incl. CD).

The first single, a coverversion of “wrong side” by STEPHAN EICHER, will be available in the music section. Check it out!

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Tracklisting 12”

01. to-and-fro Reyn
02. electrify Plemo
03. wrong side Me Succeeds
04. speculate, speculate Amundsen
05. no, i’m not Nuccini
06. wrong side Stephan Eicher

Tracklisting CD

01. to-and-fro Boligrafo feat. Flo Fernandez
02. wrong side Sebastian Lindner
03. no, i’m not Broken Spindles
04. speculate, speculate Lawrence
05. electrify I Was A Teenage Vampire
06. pesky Particles
07. to-and-fro Nitrada
08. no, i’m not The Waldron Hotel
09. wrong side Me Succeeds
10. electrify Plemo
11. x + variables Computer
12. pesky Bjoern Korg
13. to-and-fro Reyn
14. it may not last Alexis The Greek
15. speculate, speculate Amundsen
16. no, i’m not Nuccini
17. pesky Pillow
18. wrong side Stephan Eicher

Label: SundayService

Distributed by Indigo /

Published by Freibank